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Patch 2.2.0 [10-05-2017] The Refinement Update

[MCE-058] Fixed misc crashes relating to Magic
[MCE-059] Fixed misc crashes relating to Death Chests
[MCE-060] Reduced FPS lag at spawn
[MCE-061] Fixed Items in Bookshelves Vanishing (Hopefully)
[MCE-062] EnderPearls now go through open Fence Gates
[MCE-063] Fixed Liquid Tanks randomly breaking
- Added Runecraft
- Added Fast Crafting (No more needing to remember new recipes, as long as you know what's in them)
- Night time will now progress faster according to how many players in the server are in a bed
- Players can now change wool color by right clicking it with dye
- Glass can be shot through with arrows (It regens afterwards)
- Glass can now be fallen through from a height (It regens afterwards)
- Removed Respawn Screen on Death
- Added Misc Sounds on Inventory Actions
- Removed 'Woosh' in chat on Teleport
- Changed Teleportation Sound to a less loud one
- Changed Teleportation Effect
- Added Runecraft Tutorial (Use Wayshrine at Spawn)
- Moved Enchanted Tutorial (Use Wayshrine at Spawn)
[Image: d779b56404.gif]

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