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Matecraft Presents Equinox

As many of you have noticed, Matecraft has started hosting it's own modpack on CurseForge called Equinox.

[Image: ea64cbe478fa4c12b5e417e945e3537a.png]

This pack [if all goes according to plan] will hopefully replace FTB in the Matecraft roster of servers. Don't worry, all the DW20 mods will still be there, this just simply gives us more control over the entire pack.

This is where you guys come in, the most recent build of the pack [1.4.0] has just been pushed and is ready for testing. What we need you to do, is download the pack [it's only available in the Curse/Twitch launcher for now] and test it in Single Player. Then report back any bugs, simple!
Bugs can be reported in the FTB section of the forums, just be sure to mark them with 'Equinox' in the thread subject.

The more testing gets done, the sooner Equinox can be open for everyone! Thanks and happy testing!

As a side note;
We recommend at least 4GB of ram for the pack, and you will notice your CPU usage will be high. This is a Single Player issue and will not be present on the server.
[Image: d779b56404.gif]

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