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The end of the Helper system

Hello everyone,

Today we will be terminating the Helper system. The helper system aimed to allow players to try-out for staff without any intervention from staff itself - anyone could become a helper, provided they fulfilled the prerequisites. After a long period of testing this system, we have decided to end it for two simple reasons: it was never implemented properly, and it is far too high maintenance to maintain it. The plan, originally, was to constantly fire helpers that failed to actively help other players in-game, and keep a fairly small roster of people who did manage to keep the rank. The reality of it is that hardly anyone has been booted from the system since its inception because it is too hard to keep track of all the people in the helper system taking into account the different time zones, holidays and coordinating with the rest of staff to check who had been helping out (also it's not that fun to remove ranks from people).

This system, which was meant to ease promoting people into an expert rank, ended up making it even harder to find suitable experts in all the noise. We were then faced with two possibilities: either increase the difficulty of getting the helper rank even more, which undermined the underlying objective of allowing anyone to try out for staff, or go back to our old system.

Which brings us to now. Starting today, we are reverting to our old way of picking staff: looking at what players do every day, selecting the few that actively help other people with server-related questions (among other things) and then holding internal votes to decide who becomes staff. We will start by picking a few of the helpers currently in the roster to become experts; the remaining will go back to their member+ ranks.

This is not all bad news if you have lost your helper rank. Since we are no longer allowing players to get the helper rank, we will be giving some basic inspection tools to players in the member+ rank, chief among them being the ability to inspect block placement in the survival and creative servers (you'll be able to tell who placed and removed blocks). This tool, among some others, will allow you to stand out as someone interested in the moderation of the server by reporting griefs and other technical issues with the servers.

That is all for now. Feel free to speak your mind about this change in the comments below.

If you were a helper and you think you should become an expert based on your performance as a helper, PM me on the forums why that is, giving me examples of how you've contributed as a staff member to Matecraft.

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