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  Bugs Within Matecraft
Posted by: Cleggy - 03-13-2016, 09:39 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (6)

We have updated to 1.9 and along with that we have some bugs within the server if you find one please submit a reply to this post and I'll try to fix them when I get the chance.

Known bugs:

- Continuity:

  • Continuity End Bugs
  • Buycraft Errors
  • ar Check Command [Changed to /check]
  • Infernal Mob Particles

- Inspire:
  • Plot Claim Command
  • Plot Auto Command
  • Plot Merge Command
  • Petitions Don't Close
  • Nickname Prefix

Format for Submitting Bugs:

Playername -
Server Bug is On -
Bug -
How to Replicate -

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Information Updates and New Additions [09-23-2015]
Posted by: Sequacious - 09-23-2015, 11:07 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

As a lot of you may have noticed, Matecraft has been undergoing major additions and updates throughout the network. Here is a compiled list of new additions, planned features, and existing updates to the servers;

OP Prison BETA - Played Prison servers before? Not like this. It may be Prison, but here you can deck yourself out to become the most overpowered player in the game. Packed with mines, quests, secrets and easter eggs, enjoy Prison like never before. As it's in BETA, you can submit a petition for any suggestions you may have using /pe create (Suggestion)
Created by ~Cleggeh, SquareRival and Sequacious

Singularity - Singularity is a collection of great minigames for you and your friends. You may think 'But there is a Minigames server already' and you'd be correct, there is. However Singularity has been coded, in it's entirety by our own psyberduckling to ensure that it runs the best it possibly can, bringing zero lag minigames to life.
Created by ~psyberducking

Architect Rank - You may have noticed certain staff members with a prefix looking similar to this [✠]. This means that the staff member is an Architect. The simplest way to describe what an Architect is, would be to say that they are a Head-Builder. If you want to know more about the Architect rank and it's duties, you can check here.

- Continuity spawn has been rebuilt in the most part including but not limited to; the Market, the main spawn building and most of the paths leading around spawn. Thanks to ~Sequacious

- Inspire spawn has been heavily edited to make things clearer, and look nicer for players. A MegaPlots spawn has also been added. Thanks to ~Cleggeh, SquareRival and Sequacious, and a special thank you to Oclavukixus for the original creation of the MegaPlots spawn.

- The Nexus spawn/portal room has been completely re-designed in order to be less cramped, include more information for players and so players can navigate more easily when joining via the Nexus. Thanks to ~Sequacious and Cleggeh

-Tips now show up on the Nexus and Aasgard and tips throughout the servers have been updated so that players may Opt-Out in order to not see a specific tip for a certain amount of time. Thanks to ~KodaichiZero for his work on the tips plugin.

- Chat has been completely reformatted in order for more players to be seen and heard. It also looks a lot cleaner and less white means it's easier on the eyes for people. Thanks to ~Sequacious and Cleggeh

- The navigation menu via /nav has also been given a fresh new look. It's nicer to look at and includes more information on each server. Thanks to ~Sequacious and Cleggeh

Planned Additions:
- Continuity is getting a lot more love as there are quite a few new planned features, including but not limited to; More Available Enchantments either via enchanting tables or Infernal Mob drops, Mob DNA morphing where you can gain the abilities of nearly every mob in Minecraft and a new item you can combine with your tools weapons and armour to gain special abilities. Continuity is also going to start getting geared a lot more toward dungeons so get those weapons and armour ready.

- For Inspire there are a lot more planned donor and voting rewards but we wont go too far into that at the moment Wink

- There are a lot more games being created for Singularity so be sure to check back regularly.

- Staff statues/NPCs are also going to be added to the Nexus so you know who to ask for help at any time.

A more detailed version of planned Additions can be found here.

This post will be updated as new features, updates and additions are made so be sure to check back when you can and thank you for being a part of the ever-growing Matecraft community. Smile

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Information Updated Donator Rewards
Posted by: MagmaGuy - 07-20-2015, 12:31 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (4)

To donate : Click here

Not all rewards will work in all worlds (pay attention to the reward descriptions!). All rules still apply to donators. Donators can and will get banned if they break server rules. Contact staff members if you have any questions related to donation rewards. Each tier inherits the rewards of all the previous tiers.

Thanks for considering supporting us! MateCraft relies 100% on community donations to keep running, so whether we survive depends entirely on you!

The following is a list of rewards players can obtain by donating. This list is currently being developed, so a few aspects might be broken and new content is likely to be added.

All donator ranks are permanent.

Current rewards list (always a work in progress, last updated 20/7/2015)

The rewards are now handled by the Buycraft store, with the exception of the ones related to custom item drops and event claiming such as the End reset. This means that the ranks should be applied within 5-10 minutes of the donation!

A video explaining the way the store works, along with the different rewards will hopefully soon be made available.

Donator Rewards: Rewards that donators get on the server. These are permanent.

Community Rewards: Rewards that affect the entire community. When players donate, they contribute to the total amount of the community rewards. The amount in the community rewards piles up until the end of each month and then resets the 1st of every month.


What's new: Unlimited homes for $25 donators, community colored chat moved to $150, full armor sets + weapon + joker item added to $100 donators

Donator rank not showing up? Issue with using the rewards? Notify staff and we'll fix it ASAP!

Sneak peak at upcoming features:

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