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  Matecraft has updated to 1.11!
Posted by: MagmaGuy - 11-19-2016, 06:36 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Matecraft has fully updated to 1.11. Enjoy!

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  Skyblock on 1.11!
Posted by: Cleggy - 11-18-2016, 03:55 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Skyblock is now on 1.11!

ChestShop Replaced with ShopChest Info can be found here

Particle Balloons - Waiting on an update, will be back soon!
Holographic Displays - Waiting on an update, will be back soon!

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  TS3 termination
Posted by: MagmaGuy - 10-09-2016, 10:12 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Starting today Matecraft will no longer use TeamsSpeak 3 to communicate via voice chat. Discord is simply put a far better alternative. If you want to voice chat with your fellow Matecrafters, feel free to join our Discord chat! Here's the link to it:

Joining discord is a very good idea - in case of service outages information can be relayed through there, not to mention that you are always able to ping staff, even staff that is not online at that time.

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  1.11 update & the near future of Matecraft
Posted by: MagmaGuy - 09-17-2016, 01:27 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (5)

Hello Matecrafters! It's been a while.

I come to you today to share some info about what we plan to do with the server for the 1.11 update. As of this date, we do not know exactly what the 1.11 update will feature, as it looks like Mojang might be withholding some information to be released during Minecon 2016, which is only a few days away.

However, we do have a few plans for the update already.

New Survival features:

  • New map name! (Current map name is Continuity. New map name isn't determined yet. You can post your suggestion below, preferably a synonym of 'Survival', we might pick it if we like it!)
  • New map! Donator items will transfer over (donator crates, cannons). Everything else is not.
  • New spawn! You can build immediately around this spawn from the very start this time around.
  • New spawn system! Spawn will be a simple structure. All spawn services (pvp arena, city hub, so on) will be put in another map that you'll be able to teleport to. This should help with FPS issues.
  • [Experimental] No more resource worlds! We think they may be a bit too hard to find, so instead we're going to use a similar system to what skyblock uses where players are able to mine extensive amounts of resources from cobblestone generators.
  • [Experimental] More in-game admin shop variety! We're not messing with the economy any more, so we'll be more generous with the variety of items that players can get from admin shops.
  • [Experimental] The return of jobs! You'll be able to once again complete basic tasks such as mining and slaying in order to gain in-game currency.
  • [Experimental] A more polished flight system! In my fight to get rid of /fly because it's so easy it's boring, I'll be polishing even further the rocket boots and elytra + fishing hook system to make it more convenient and, above all else, a more fun alternative to using /fly.
  • [Experimental] Passive mob stacking! Tired of walking into a city only for your computer to crash from the 300 chicken that inhabit it? So am I! So now we're getting mob stacking. With mob stacking, if the server detects that 50 passive mobs of the same kind are co-existing in a 50 block radius, those mobs will merge to turn into a super-mob! Beware of Moo-Moo The Destroyer! (Loot will compensate for the 50 mobs and provide up to 25 passive mob eggs upon death)
  • [Experimental] Aggressive mob stacking! With aggressive mob stacking, when two aggressive mobs of the same kind stand together, they merge into a supermob! Supermobs then keep growing in level the more mobs they absorb. Once they reach a certain level, they become Boss mobs in a big explosion! This should help with lag and FPS issues, not to mention that it'll be hilarious to see happen.
  • The return of silk touch spawners! The ability to mine mob spawners with silk touch pickaxes is getting remade by me.
  • [Experimental] New butler system! For a measly few million in-game currency, hire an NPC butler to follow you around and even hold items for you. It may even get its own special powers!
  • [Experimental] Wilderness! The new map will be larger, but after a certain radius it will be considered to be a wilderness. PvP and griefing are allowed in the wilderness, no region protection is possible and mobs are tougher on you. Good luck!
  • More super-secret features.

New Hub features:
  • New hub, smaller, easier to navigate and understand what Matecraft has.

Unrelated with Minecraft, but we are discontinuing our TS3 services. Discord is just an all-around better alternative, and it allows players to instantly ping staff, even when they're not necessarily at their computers. Join our discord here: . Discord will be used to communicate service outages, and will still be reachable when all of our services are not. It's a very good idea to join it.

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Exclamation The Donator Update
Posted by: Sequacious - 09-14-2016, 06:41 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

The Donator Update is now live on Matecraft!

This introduces a lot of new features for donators, all accessible through /donator on any of the Matecraft servers;
[Image: 6249aa450c4742f8a9b0aba405aabd8f.png]

The new features include;
- The Readdition of Pets
[Image: 20f5d367d0584cc8bf2b1da0f1eaacd5.png]
Choose from nearly every mob in Minecraft to use for your personal pet!

- Miniature Pets
Literally what it says on the tin! A large collection of mini companions for you with more on the way!
[Image: O8e0GS0.png]
[Image: JzYMk5f.png]
[Image: Bk5E5KM.png]

- Particle Capes
Miss that Minecon? We have you covered! Create your own custom capes pixel by pixel.
[Image: xXAP1uR.png]

- Particle Pack
A whole new collection of particles that you can have spin around your head or float around your body.
[Image: f4a99f01a62f4cd6aa6c29bd91d83061.png]

- Particle Balloons
Nice little balloons to take with you on a walk in a sunny day on Matecraft.
[Image: 1-png.135541]
[Image: 170522562a2549cb974fd1e17060a906.png]

- Duck Trails Integration
Duck Trails is still here in all its glory, we've remade the GUI to be more friendly.
[Image: 12d9ca5413e440a8af9ec6d04c2b0105.png]

- Arrow Trails
A collection of trails that follow your arrows when firing a bow, some even have sounds!
[Image: 0fdbb504c75944ddbff0bf6bd5de57d6.png]

- MiniMe
A little you to follow you on all your adventures! Equip it with whatever you like, have it mimic you or even choose from a selection of heads!
[Image: 1ccb589f08864c5d8229cc8a5b2ffd02.png]

*All perks are subject to donation level*

Nearly forgot, last but not least, a brand new community reward! /angryseq
For when I'm having one of my 'moments' Wink

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