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Posted by: Sequacious - 02-15-2017, 12:39 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Introducing Medals!

A brand new way for you to show off what's yours!
These are extra labels you can have displayed over your name in-game to show off whichever rank you like [as long as you have it of course].

Current Medals Include:
- Builder [Same for Tiers 1-9]
- BuilderX
- WorldShaper [For Both WorldShaper & Architect]
- Devotee
- Staff
- Expert
- Moderator
- SuperMod
- Admin
- OP

Medals can be accessed through the Donator Menu via /donatormenu or using /medals

*These images are examples, the specific tags are no longer available*
[Image: 7fdcff3f26cf4ff2a113eaf3f1d78e0a.png]

[Image: d7380b384f1d49dda944ef3982be262c.png]

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  Forums & Store Facelift
Posted by: Mixter213 - 02-14-2017, 02:32 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

As some of you may have noticed, the Matecraft forums got a major facelift yesterday. We've upgraded to an entirely new clean design and layout, featuring a re-organised navigation bar, complete with all of our social links including;
- Twitter
- Reddit
- YouTube
- & Discord
The navigation bar is now persistent as it follows the page when you scroll, no more having to scroll to the top of the page whenever you want to change pages!
We also have a new landing page. When you go to you'll be greeted with the Matecraft Portal, which shows you all of the latest threads and a feed of important announcements. The Vote and Staff pages have received a bit of love too, check them out!
We've also included some new ease of access links at the bottom of the page to make your browsing life easier.

Along with this forum redesign, we've also redesigned the store. It now fits better with Matecraft's overall theme and items for the Enchanted server will be arriving to it very soon. We've also given it a fresh new URL, you can get to it by clicking 'Store' in the navigation bar or going to

A special thanks to Cleggy for coding both the new website and store, and to Sequacious for his extensive bug testing and design choices regarding the themes.

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  Event server weekends!
Posted by: MagmaGuy - 02-11-2017, 07:39 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hello Matecrafters!

In an effort to improve the server navigation and experience for both old and new players, I have decided to start handling minigame servers differently from gamemode servers. If you are wondering what the difference between the two is;

Minigame servers - usually played in rounds, usually requires other people to make the server playable, usually doesn't have much or any progression. This is the case of Bombermate, SSM, hunger games, among others.

Gamemode servers - servers that either use or create a minecraft game mode, usually focused on long-term gameplay and often times have some form of progression. This is the case for Survival, Enchanted, Prison, Creative, Skyblock, among others.

Matecraft is not, and has never been, a network focused on minigames. Minigames have come and gone, but the bulk of our efforts has always been heavily biased towards gamemode servers such as survival and enchanted. Since we do not give our minigames servers enough love, they do not see much traffic within them. People still show up and try to play in them, but the lack of interest or traffic doesn't allow people to properly enjoy them.

As such, I have decided to implement a Wildcard server. At the start of every weekend, a minigame server will open. The minigame itself will keep changing - it may be bombermate one weekend, hunger games the next and something we've never had on matecraft before after that. At the end of the weekend, the server will close. This way, players should have an easier time finding other people interested in playing the minigame, and people can have something to look forward to every week. We may even host contests every weekend with in-game rewards if people enjoy this new system.

However, as a result of this change, we will no longer be hosting persistent minigame servers. This means the end of the Bombermate and SSM servers, which will periodically be showing up on Wildcard instead.

We hope that this will help people with finding other players for matchmaking and keep things fresh!

See you in-game!

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  New Survival Pricing List
Posted by: Frn - 01-10-2017, 06:12 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

So the new Survival world for 1.11 is out, and has a widely different economy from Continuity, the world in place from 1.8 - 1.10.2.

Beacon - 1 sells for 800$ (Beacons are hard to come across as donor crates are not currently working)
Diamond = 40 sells for 16$
Gold - 10 BLOCKS sells for 15$
Iron - 10 BLOCKS sells for 10$
Steak / Pork - 64 sells for 70$
Feathers - 64 sells for 50$
OP Infernal Drops - 1 sells for 100$
Troll Infernal Drops - 1 sells for 10-40$
Stone / Cobblestone - 1024 sells for 1$
Logs / Quartz / Stone Bricks / Grass Blocks (Building Blocks) - 128 sells for 10$
Glass - 384 sells for 60$

Tell me if you need anything added, or a price needs changed.

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  1.11 donation rewards update
Posted by: MagmaGuy - 12-01-2016, 04:39 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

(If you're reading this right now, you've come early to the party. Staff is currently at work adding many of the rewards listed underneath to the server, and this post isn't even fully edited yet! But hey, get a quick sneak peek at what's about to go down.)

Hello everyone!

A new minecraft version has come out, and we have been hard at work updating the server and putting new features in. As the server evolves, so do the donation rewards. Here's a fresh list of the current donator rewards we have for Matecraft! But first, allow me to break down some major changes on how crates and community rewards work.

Community rewards:

Community rewards are supposed to reward the whole server when the server gets donations, so that a person's donation is a reason for everyone to rejoice. We are vastly expanding this system. We've worked to add a bunch of new cosmetic rewards to the server, and we're bringing them to the community rewards. Additionally, henceforth, when donator opens a donator crate, they will find a number of powers in them. These powers are applied to every player on Matecraft for 24 hours. The amount of powers in these crates is staggering, so even if you do have a lot of crates to open, you won't tire of finding new things in there.


As of right now, the crate system is still broken. In all honesty it needs to be fully rewritten from the ground up as the 1.11 update has brought forth some interesting possibilities for it. This post will be edited when a new solution has been found for this issue, which may very well be whenever I am done writing the plugin for it. It is important to note that crates will be severely nerfed in terms of loot - we are aiming to make the system more fair by distributing rewards in the form of cosmetics and global rewards. Some rare items will still be found in these crates, but we're aiming for a system that gives less of an advantage to donators and rather either rewards everyone or provides players with the opportunity to start a global event.

Donator rewards:

Donator rewards got a little bit bloated since the last update. The permissions were added individually, and it resulted in a bit of a confusing read for players looking for specific rewards. We've merged many things together, and then added a few. We hope that this revised version is easier to understand and navigate than the previous one.

For starters, the donator ranks are now capped at $200. Those wishing to donate more solely for getting more daily crates will be able to do so once the crate system gets back online.

$2 Donator:

(Global) /hat
(Global) all non-musical, non-mixed trails.

$5 Donator:

(Global) /me
(Global) /kittycannon
(Global) minime

$10 Donator:

(Global) Passive pets pack
(Global) Passive pets disguises pack

$15 Donator:

(Global) kit firework
(Global) colored signs
(Global) miniature pets pack

$20 Donator:

(Global) /nick
(Survival) 1 mancannon

$25 Donator:

(Survival, Skyblock, Creative) unlimited /sethome
(Global) Colored chat
(Global) Colored nickname

$30 Donator:

(Global) Chat formatting
(Global) mixed trails pack

$40 Donator:

(Survival) 2 mancannons
(Global) Neutral pets pack
(Global) Neutral pets diguises pack

$50 Donator:

(Survival, Skyblock) 1 tier 1 mob drop armor set, 1 tier 1 mob drop, 1 joke item mob drop
(Global) Custom miniature pets pack

$60 Donator:

(Survival) 4 mancannons
(Global) Aggressive pets pack
(Global) Aggressive pets disguises pack

$70 Donator:

(Survival) 1 tier 2 mob drop armor set, 1 tier 2 mob drop, 1 joke item mob drop
(Global) custom miniature pets pack

$80 Donator:

(Survival) 4 mancannons
(Global) Musical trails pack

$90 Donator:

(Survival, Skyblock) Featherflight
(Global) Arrow trails pack

$100 Donator:

(Survival, Skyblock) 1 tier 3 mob drop armor set, 1 tier 3 mob drop, 1 joker item mob drop
(Survival) 5 mancannons
(Global) Flying pets pack
(Global) Flying pets disguises pack

$125 Donator:

(Global) Formatted nick
(Global) MIniature staff pet pack

$150 Donator:

(Global) /set weather
(Global) /blamecleggy

$175 Donator:

(Global) /set time
(Global) /back

$200 Donator

(Survival) /fly
(Survival) Create your own world with anything you want in it (separate inventories)
(Global) /magmakill

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